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Customer Service Skills: The face of your business relies on the tone

Millennial customers today are like an entirely new category in their own light. Where previous generations prefer more one-on-one connection and personal relationships, young people today lean towards self-help solutions and fast-paced interactions. The 4 Most Important Customer Service Skills to Master Your business’ millennial customers today will bring about the next generation of confident […]

Are You Making These Customer Acquisition Mistakes?

Common customer mistakes: The journey to the land of top-notch customer acquisition processes is riddled with twists and turns. And while customer acquisition is challenging, converting new business is vital to keeping a company profitable. Without customers, a company will not survive. The right customer acquisition strategy should set your customers up for long-term success with your […]

Customer Service Skills That Really Matter

When it comes to customer service, listening skills help to build better relationships with customers, avoid misunderstandings, resolve conflicts and solve customer problems faster and more efficiently. Customer service skills can actually make a huge difference between the average customer service agent and the one who is able to provide that WOW service your customers […]

Is your social media customer service helping

Or is it hurting your customer experience? Consumers who receive prompt responses through social media channels are more likely to remain brand loyal and provide word-of-mouth referrals. When implemented correctly, social media customer service encourages consumer spending, improves operational efficiency and increases organizational performance. Customer inquiries on social are increasing. Twitter found, in recent research, […]

The Quickest Magic in Service Recovery

Acting quickly, taking responsibility, making an empowered decision, and compensating the customer will result in customer loyalty that will increase your sales and profits and help to ensure your success in an increasingly competitive world.In today’s fast-paced world we are needing service recovery in almost everywhere we go from the grocery store, to our banks […]

Implement Best Practices To Make Social Customer Service Stick

Respond immediately The reality is social media implies immediacy, and customers expect brands to respond immediately. In fact, Facebook Pages show a company’s response times to resolve issues.  Brands need to respond in minutes. Social customer service isn’t only about solving problems; it’s also an opportunity to connect authentically, engage, and leave a lasting positive […]

Job brief for a customer service representative

The following are duties and responsibilities for a customer service representative:  A customer service representative, or CSR, will act as a liaison, provide product/services information and resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency. Managing incoming calls and customer service inquiries Generating sales leads that develop into new customers Identifying […]

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Customers, Someone Else Will

Why you have to care for your customers The basic truth is, to be successful in sales you need to be a Jack of all trades and a Master of looking after your customers, else, you will realise that, other outlet will take your customers away from you. So there is a HUGE financial link between high levels of customer satisfaction and the bottom line of a company. For […]