Customer Experience Flaws that Predict a Company’s Failure

Brands should aim to create customer experiences that find the sweet spot where both relevance and value are present. After all, just because something is relevant doesn’t mean it’s actually worth something to the Read more

Did you know, No Customer Service – No Sale

Okay let me ask, have you ever left a store without buying what you went there for? Make sure it doesn’t happen at your store or business. Read more

To keep a customer, this is what must be done

Servicing a customer is a part of every purchase and interaction with internal and external contacts. It Read more

Happy Customer: What do customers care most about?

Do you know what customers care the most? Confidence in knowing that their issue is being taken care of. Here at Business

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2: Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

It is the customer experience that determines whether or not you will attract and retain customers. So how easy is it for people to do Read more

Experience Makes You More Careful, Never Use these words In Conversation

Yes they say, experience is the best teacher, I will say it makes you more careful. And today, we will be learning words you don’t have to use Read more

The best customer service sets the bar for all customer service

Customers know what good service is and their expectations today are formed by whoever gives them their best service experience, whether in Read more

Be attentive to customer needs and use feedback loops

The fact is that, 80% companies, who believe they are providing great customer service, have only 8% customers who agree with them. So if Read more

Ways to Deal with Angry Customers

The first thing you need to do with demanding and unreasonable customers is just to create calm. Create calm by using anti-inflammatory words and using words that show the customer that Read more

Reasons not to take your customer service heroes for granted

It’s important to appreciate and listen to your front-line employees. During my customer service career, I have often heard the statement – “It doesn’t matter what I think, no one’s listening to

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