Is Your Focus on You or Your Customers?

 Do you know that by focusing on your current customers, you gain the ability to understand the core components and interests of your most valuable clients. It’s About The CustomerNot You! Read more

Customers should be better not feel better

Fabulous Customer Service’ sounds user-centered but it’s often just a company-centered focus 

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If you lose the Customer’s Confidence and You Lose the Customer

In today’s competitive business environment, a company can’t afford to lose a customer’s confidence. Maybe the customer will give the company a second, Read more

This is why a Satisfied Customer May Be Worse Than an Unsatisfied Customer

The basic truth is, customers are so conditioned that when we are asked questions like, ‘are you satisfied?’, they just say “Yes”. Think about your own Read more

Fix Your Processes to Avoid Moments of Misery

People’s best attributes often come out when their backs are against the wall. This is no less true in customer service than in other realms of life.

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Customer service culture: Hire for the attitude and train the skill

Are you aware that customer focused culture begins with people who want to do the right thing.  From Read more

The Power of Saying Thank You

It’s often the customers who thank the people behind great customer service, and managers are the ones that usually Read more

Celebrating the Impact of Customer Service Teams

This year, the theme for the celebration is “Everyday Heroes.” Day in and day out, our frontline customer service teams are Read more

Ways to Ensure Your Customer Service Is a Hit This Year

Happy customers remain loyal. And when they’re loyal, they continue to buy your products or hire your Read more

Did you know, No Customer Service – No Sale

Okay let me ask, have you ever left a store without buying what you went there for? Make sure it doesn’t happen at your store or business. Read more