Acceptable behaviour at workplace

The idea of behaviour being acceptable or otherwise can, for some, be very subjective

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Payment Issues could lead to bad customer service

One issue that can lead to bad customer service is, payment. Refusing to pay, trying to postpone the payment with silly excuses or avoiding any

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Bad customer service?

There’s a rule in business that you should ‘fire’ 10% of your customers every year. It will free your resources to serve other, more profitable, clients. Working Read more

How to identify a bad service

Not all customers are kings. Although there are plenty of service gurus out there that will tell you that you should go out of your way to satisfy – even delight – Read more

Bots are about to get better at customer support than humans

In 2018, AI-enabled bots will provide a better customer experience than human-to-human chat exchange, following the explosion of messaging services that Read more

Constantly unavailable is bad for a business

If you constantly cannot get hold of a client and he doesn’t respond to your messages, there might be a problem. Of course the customer might be ill, busy, or Read more

Does ‘mediating’ help solve a case?

Well the fact is, in mediating, if you are contemplating a lawsuit, or perhaps just filed one, you have probably heard

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Closing Sales Techniques you should adopt

The basic truth is, no matter how hard you work and how well you design solutions for customers, if you are weak in closing sales, you will suffer in your career. While closing Read more

Good Customer Service Starts from the boss

As a boss, you have to walk the talk and be part of the solution. Change begins from you. Did you know that to administer a good customer service, it actually starts from you

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Define your target market

Following the situation of the country, to forge ahead one needs to define the target market. And yeah, given the current state of the economy, having a well-defined target market is Read more