Common problems with weak customer journey maps

So we are going to discuss the common problems with week customer service journey. Now what are the common problems with weak customer journey maps? Read more

Customer Service is not something you did but something you do

In the early days, this was a matter of identifying and developing an overall customer onboarding and retention strategy.  These were some the successful early Read more

Customer service is a life style

When you contact customer service these days, you might find your rep signing off as “Customer Success Specialist,” “Customer Success Coach” or something Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Customer Service?

In the relationship economy, personal engagement and conversations rather than transactions are absolutely critical to ensuring repeat purchases and ultimate improvements to the bottom line. Read more

Takes a look at how the customer experience is affected by an organization’s core values

What Are the Core Values of Customer Service?What are your company’s core values? If you can’t answer that, it’s worth taking some time to figure it out. One of my clients recently asked about how core values should come into play when hiring and firing, and it got me thinking about the importance of the overall concept.

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Bend Rules to Keep Customers

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JD of a customer service agent

The basic function of a customer service agent is to provide a friendly service to internal and external customers. The position could also involve processing customer’s orders, making bookings, liaising with other departments and administration. These responsibilities differ according to the industry the agent works in.

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Want to achieve a better brainstorming section?

What’s your reaction when you get an invite for a meeting? If your response is negative, you’re not alone. Most brainstorming sessions are inefficient, with a few people Read more

Promote and expand your brand influence with good customer service

Ideally, every company wants its customer service associates to deliver a positive customer experience, service that is reflective of and Read more

Customer service interview questions 2

People working in customer service jobs as representatives serve customers by providing product and service Read more